Queen Charlotte Track – Spring walking

Spring is definitely in the air and there is no doubt that people arestarting to move out of their winter hibernation.  We are loving the torrential spring rain today, soaking into what has been a very dry season so far.  Picton and the Sounds are particularly magical on a wet day with a myriad shades of grey in the hills.

We are now planning for a great summer. Our first guided walk on the Queen Charlotte Track begins on 1 October and it will be a wonderful time to see the early spring flowers featuring on our native floras such as the Kowhai, Bush Clematis, Rangiora, Bush Lawyer, Hooded Orchids and Tea Tree flowering.  Visitors out paddling with our guide on a day trip this week also enjoyed paddling with a large pod of 50 bottlenose dolphins. 

So it isn’t just us that is starting to revel in the joys of spring, so are the native residents of this beautiful place that we live in.