A Warmer Winter on the Queen Charlotte Track

Aah – autumn is here and winter on its way. Believe it or not, we love this time of the year.  After the busy hot months, we relish the quieter, cool crisp mornings followed by stunning clear, calm days which are so typical for autumn and winter in the Marlborough Sounds.  As locals, we all often comment that it is the best time of the year to be here and if only everyone else realised how stunning it is.

Well this year we decided to try and tell more people about walking and biking in the Marlborough Sounds during winter and entice you all with some great offers with our warmer winter deals .  Getting out and getting warm is our message this winter – walking or biking is a great way to do it.  Should the weather deteriorate (we don’t deny that we do get our share of rain and cold), then there is always a warm fire, hot shower and comfortable bed to welcome you at the end of the day.   Furneaux Lodge, Punga Cove Resort and Portage Resort Hotel are fantastic spots to stay and during the winter are welcome respites from any bad weather.

Our relatively temperate climate means that the Queen Charlotte Track is one of the only tracks open during the winter, and with fewer numbers walking or biking the track during these months you are guaranteed peace and solitude along the way.

Autumn and winter are also ideal times to gather the family together for a bit of adventure.  There are three school holidays during the warmer winter special deals period.  We have designed some excellent value packages that are deliberately designed to cater to the varying levels of fitness and requirements of family groups.  There are some minimum age recommendations on some trips, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you need to talk through the best options.

Sea Kayaking is also a great experience during the winter. The days may be shorter, but the wildlife is generally more plentiful and the conditions calmer for paddling.  We offer a guided day trip during the winter months operating from 10.00am to 3.00pm for just $85 and of course kayak rental is always available.

This winter will also be interesting as we watch our new office building arise out of the dust.  We are looking forward to moving into our smart new offices hopefully by Labour Weekend (24 October) this year, and the new waterfront precinct that is being developed by the Marlborough District Council.

In the meantime, Sara, Dave and the team encourage you to get out this winter and get warm. Make the most of these great winter deals – you will feel better for it!