Half Day Kayaking Trip in the Marlborough Sounds


Amatya is on a spontaneous trip to New Zealand after spending a few months working in Bangalore, India. Originally from Switzerland, the 24yr old made the most of the sunshine earlier this week & spent a half day kayaking with Marlborough Sounds Adventure Co. “Back to nature after a few crazy months in India!”

Equipped with an MSAC/Ozone Cuppucino,  I headed off to Ngakuta Bay with my guide, Blair, & several other adventurers. After lowering the kayaks from the trailer onto the beach we received all the paddle, drybag and life-jacket instructions (‘In case of emergency you will find the next exit located to your left and right.’) We then headed off to sea! What if my kayak were to just throw me overboard at the next wave? I was quite releived to find these worries quite unnecessary. The kayaks were easy to manoeuver and, if paddling in sync with your partner, you simply cut through the waves.

     We passed amazing scenery and spotted a variety of birds and elegantly moving stingrays. (A head-on encounter with the latter would not be so enjoyable of course). Blair provided us with an amazing amount of information on New Zealand’s history and forest conservation projects. I would have done much better in my history class if I were passing beautiful bays and getting sprayed with seawater by my partners paddle now and then!  With strong strokes, we crossed the harbour and arrived mesmerized, feeling proud of our journey.

A few days later, I  went with some of my NZ-based family on a Freedom Kayak Rental to further explore the Marlborough Sounds. We paddled 2 doubles & a single out to Kumatoto Bay where they we stopped for a rest-turned-lunch stop-turned-overnight camping spot. My eldest cousin Jacob, whipped up a gourmet (2minute) pasta concoction while his younger brother, Tarn, boiled up steaming cups of tea.

The following day, we enjoyed trailing sting rays along the coast & photographing a big seal lounging in the sunshine. Jake, an experienced kayaker, showed his sister, Indigo, how to ‘brace’ in a kayak. This resulted in, well, a few rolls and a lot of fun and laughter 🙂

A slow paddle on home to Picton made for more Ozone coffee & massive plates of scrambled eggs on toast. What an awesome mission!