COVID-19 Terms and Conditions

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Impacts of Covid19 on Terms and Conditions

(as of 17 April 2022)


We are now operating under traffic light Orange which requires us to operate with the following guidelines:

  • masks must be worn if you are entering our base and remaining there for some time
  • masks are not required once an activity starts
  • vaccine passes are no longer required

While our terms and conditions remain as stated below, we are mindful that the virulent nature of Omicron means that there is  an increased risk that anyone walking/riding on the Queen Charlotte Track may have their trip affected at short notice (immediately prior to or during your trip).  A hotel or water transport company may be required to close at very short notice due to isolation requirements.  This means that you may not be able to continue to stay at the hotels on the track, or even begin your trip the next day.  Should this happen, we will assist wherever possible to provide another option (e.g. day walks out of Picton) or transfer your booking to another date, however there will be no compensation or refund for any expenses incurred pre or post QCT trip, that may be affected by the sudden postponement of your walk/ride on the Queen Charlotte Track.  You do have the option to postpone your trip prior to the trip starting, and schedule it for  another time in the year when hopefully the risks of businesses being affected by isolation requirements is reduced.


Booking & Cancellation – Covid19 Conditions

We understand that due to Covid19, Governments can unexpectedly impose travel bans that disrupt your plans.

In the event of travel restrictions (regional) being imposed.

Should changes be required due to travel restrictions, you can transfer your booking to a later date (within 12 months of your booking). There is no fee for change of bookings under these conditions.

If there is a member/s of a group that is affected by border restrictions or any other impacts of Covid19, and they are unable to travel, it is expected that the rest of the group will be continuing with their trip.  Should the rest of the group wish to cancel their trip, and are not affected by Covid19 restrictions, then our standard cancellation policy will apply to the rest of the group.

Our standard terms and conditions policy applies to all other situations (apart from impacts of Covid19).